About Us
Join us on a Digital Journey

Everything you know about your customers will change as they evolve with the Digital World. You will need to be flexible and nimble and able to transform technologically to keep up with them. How you deliver entertainment and management services as your customers adopt and embrace new technologies will define your future success.

Now more than ever, you need to be ready for that future.

And that’s the Mission of DigitalWin.

Your Gaming Technology Partner

As more and more traditional brick and mortar gambling operators as well as pure online gaming companies demand exciting technologies to expand their operations into the digital world, DigitalWin has become a trusted partner in their success.

Corporate Organization

The Company was founded in 2011 for the purpose of pursuing Regulated and Sanctioned Server-based Gaming Opportunities. DigitalWin employs a staff of more than 80 dedicated professionals, including game designers, product managers, web developers, IT engineers, system administrators, systems support staff, operational staff, and experienced casino management professionals. Many in our team have been around since the very beginning of the online gaming industry and offer invaluable expertise to our clients.

History and Background

DigitalWin’s core strength is in its extensive experience in the software development and engineering industry with a specialty in gaming applications. We are IT professionals at heart and often dubbed the "gaming software company's software developer".

After successful software development ventures with gambling operators and other gaming software companies, DigitalWin team decided to market its expertise to traditional brick and mortar casinos as well as pure online operators. Today we offer a myriad of gaming platforms, systems, game content and custom deployments directly to a growing list of premier clients.

DigitalWin believes it can capitalize on the rapid growth of the gambling industry as markets undergo regulation and open themselves to the flexibility and ease of server-based gaming operations. DigitalWin's experience makes it a valuable partner for organizations looking to enhance their capabilities and offerings as traditional gambling moves to the digital world.

Our Mission & Goal

Our Mission is singularly focused on enhancing the traditional gaming industry by expanding it into the Digital World. As an organization we come together and promise each other to always innovate, never be complacent and to challenge ourselves each day to help our partners grow.

Our Goal is to be recognized as internet evangelists promoting the use of technology and digital expansion within the casino industry to which we have dedicated our professional careers.