DigitalWin Game Lab

DigitalWin is proud to design and develop our game catalog in-house at the DigitalWin Game Lab. Our design team is comprised of specialists in Visual Design, Entertainment Production, Game Design, Sound Design, Math Modeling, IT Engineering and Casino Operations.

All of our games are engineered to be:
  • Exciting, Feature Rich & Mobile Enhanced
  • Flexible in their deployment
  • HTML5 for cross platform play
  • Built for Multiple Language and Currency Support
Tons of Game Content to Choose From:
  • Slots, Table Games, Keno, Poker & More
  • Online Bingo & Skill Games
  • E-Lottery & Special Reveal Games
  • Special Seasonal and Holiday Game Portfolio
Go Mobile or Go Home!

How we do it

At DigitalWin, we design games specifically for mobile devices. Instead of taking the short-cuts some gaming companies take, we take apart and re-engineer each game so it looks and feels the best for your mobile audience.


Go BIG with great mobile games

Most companies save time and effort by shrinking down their existing web-based games so they fit onto mobile devices. Unfortunately, this method also shrinks down button sizes and text fonts and fails to account for the customer's lack of a mouse or trackpad or even the customer's average finger size! The result is a game that is nearly unplayable, with customers squinting to see text and pushing incorrect buttons because they are too small and close together. The actual game playing space is also shrunk down and visually unsatisfying.

At DigitalWin we maximize playing space, move little-used buttons into side menus, and provide big bright display for your customers.

With up to 80% of customers going mobile for their gaming entertainment, now is the time to make the move to mobile.

Attract the important Millennial customer base. It's easier than you think!

Linked Jackpots
Add the fastest and easiest multi-jackpots to your site today.

The easiest and most popular jackpot format for your operation

Bring the excitement of the Multi-Jackpot craze to your customers right now, a full suite of modern 5X3 reel video slots with the newest GRAND - MAJOR - MINOR- MINI jackpot format in the industry. Players can win on any spin with any size wager, while players who wager more have a greater chance to win a jackpot. Players participate in a fun spin-the-wheel game to reveal which size jackpot they have won.

Say goodbye to re-seeding fees and jackpot payouts

DigitalWin has taken the pain out of managing and offering jackpot games. The games accept all currencies and are offered in a multitude of languages, and offer players a zero-learning-curve experience. Your operation has access to full jackpot games reporting, and you NEVER pay a jackpot payout or re-seed fee. The DigitalWin system tracks your site's players jackpot contributions and wins and each month we pay you for every single jackpot win made by your customers. In addition, we pay for ALL jackpot reseeds with no extra tracking or management on your part.

Any device - Any language - Any currency

Add our mobile and web games to your operation with our easy API integration and support system and your jackpot system is automatically installed along with the games. By accepting all currencies into the jackpot pool, and localizing the product to be offered in almost any language, the linked jackpots grow fast and provide unparalleled excitement. From Apple to Android, tablets and iPads, PCs to laptops, DigitalWin’s HTML5 games work anywhere for anyone and are specifically designed to optimize mobile gameplay and customer enjoyment.